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For us, it is extremely important to make sure each person who comes to our class would evaluate his or her previous driving experience and would reconsider his or her attitude to the safety of driving, making it once and forever their top priority.

Our mission is to persuade drivers to use such a driving style that will not allow collision to happen, in spite of the road conditions and inadequate actions of other road users.


Corporate training courses:

Defensive Driving Defensive Driving in Adverse Road and Weather Conditions
Driver Skills Assessment Traffic Safety Workshops
Motor Vehicle Collision Audit Defensive Driving of Heavy Equipment
Train-the-Trainer Defensive Driving Course Organization of Best Driver Contests
Advanced Training Course: “Driver – Traffic Police – Law” ECO Driving Workshop
Defensive Driving: Fork Loaders Defensive Driving in Mountainous Terrain


The training and educational products delivered by our company are radically different from so called ‘extreme driving’ courses presented by various evasive and performance driving schools, which have recently become so popular in Russia: opposite to them, we focus on preventing hazardous situations in advance rather than dealing with their consequences. We believe that teaching drivers to escape from hazardous or even critical situations by close shave high speed maneuvering, what the extreme driving schools do, is no good, since it only provokes aggressive driving style and bolster a sense of false confidence. 

It is obvious for us that prevention/mitigation of hazards/risks is easier and cheaper than emergency response to the consequences of incidents.  Defensive driving training is the solution which enables our clients to save lives, time and money.


Using defensive driving techniques, every driver can feel safe and fully protected!!!

Сертифицированные специалисты РОСПА
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA, UK).

SAFETY DRIVER employs instructors who have been trained and certified by RoSPA, which ensures high quality of classes delivered by them.
Сертифицированные специалисты TUV
TÜV Rheinland (Germany) (certification of training systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO standards).

Our instructors have been trained for traffic safety and vehicle technical auditing, which can be proved by available TÜV certificates.
О компании
We are not a driving school.  We teach Defensive Driving to professional and experienced drivers in order to make their driving safer!

The instructors of SAFETY DRIVER have been dealing with traffic safety issues for more than 10 years.  The training courses provided by our company are based on the techniques developed by leading European defensive driving institutions.  If followed, the recommendations that we develop and issue for our clients, dramatically reduce accident rates in their companies.

Our lead instructors, who have won their right to teach defensive driving in a multilevel competitive selection process and have been additionally coached and certified by at least 3 European defensive driving institutions, deliver collision/ticket free oriented state-of-art classes which meet the world standards in the field of defensive driving.

Collision-free/ticket-free driving is our ultimate goal when working with every client!

SAFETY DRIVER has been delivering Defensive Driving courses for international companies as well.

For the sake of road traffic safety, our trainers are literally ready to go to any Godforsaken place on the globe!
10 мифов о ремнях безопасности.

На смене сезонов и в начале зимы очень много ДТП с участием любителей летней резины и самонадеянных идио.. недалеких людей. 

Популярные мифы о зимней эксплуатации автомобиля

Нужно ли греть современные моторы? Чему равен один холодный пуск? Нужно ли подзаряжать новый аккумулятор? Что лучше – тосол или антифриз? И т.д.

Изменения в ПДД и Техническом регламенте

C 1 января 2015 года начали действовать изменения в ПДД и Техническом регламенте «О безопасности колесных транспортных средств» касающиеся новых требований к автомобильным шинам.

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