Safe driving in adverse road and weather conditions

Our company is happy to offer Driving in Adverse Conditions course
The purpose of the course is to reduce chances of having a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) at the beginning and throughout the winter period and also in adverse road conditions; to expand comprehension and enrich driver’s experience of driving on slippery surface.

The course includes the following parts:

Theoretical part – 6 hours;

Practical part on the driving course with slippery surface – 4 hours.


Main causes of winter MVCs are as follows:

  • The driver has a persistent expectation that the vehicle would respond to his or her steering in a way similar to the summer driving, which is, in turned, caused by too long practice of driving on non-slippery surfaces only;
  • Lack of understanding by the driver that the braking distance on ice is several times longer than that on asphalt;
  • Oversteering and, as a result, loss of control (lack of knowledge how to keep the vehicle under control when driving on slippery surface);
  • Braking at the beginning of turning curve (wrong actions when preparing the vehicle for the turning maneuver).

The program of the training course includes the following elements:

Theoretical aspects

  • Wheels vs forces
  • Defensive driving during snow fall
  • Defensive driving on a slippery road
  • Defensive driving on winter roads
  • Defensive driving at night


Practical exercise on a slippery surface

  1. Drifting and realignment of the vehicle
  2. Braking in a turn
  3. Bypassing of the obstacle (left or right, depending on the instruction by the coach)

Upon the completion of training, each student is provided with Defensive Driving pamphlets.

International certificate is issued to every student who has successfully passed the training.

Example of the certificate:

We are ready to help everybody!!!
Сертифицированные специалисты РОСПА
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA, UK).

SAFETY DRIVER employs instructors who have been trained and certified by RoSPA, which ensures high quality of classes delivered by them.
Сертифицированные специалисты TUV
TÜV Rheinland (Germany) (certification of training systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO standards).

Our instructors have been trained for traffic safety and vehicle technical auditing, which can be proved by available TÜV certificates.
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