ECO driving workshop


Тренинг компании «Безопасный водитель» раскроет тайны экологичного, экономичного и безопасного вождения транспорта.

Ecodriving is a set of simple rules that enable a driver to achieve both minimum fuel consumption and emission of CO2.  As a result, as the international experience of implementation shows, in average can be achieved up to 30% increase in fuel economy.  Fuel economy is more feasible in bigger towns, where drivers have to repeat the cycles of braking, starting, and accelerating more frequently, than in small ones.  This method of fuel economy has already been long used in many countries of the world, and in some of them, it has really become an integral part of their national energy and climate protection strategy.  The ecodriving can make traffic safer and save time and resources.  It is also important to remember that the drivers are in the epicenter of a very unhealthy environments when driving.

The driving of this new style is becoming a popular eco-civic trend, which differs from others by its eco-friendliness and, hence, health-friendliness.  It is necessary to plant 3,000,000 trees per year to make up for the exhaust of 30,000 cars.  By taking the process of driving seriously and responsibly, as well as by following the principles of eco-driving, one can not only use the fuel more effectively, but also extend the service life of the vehicle, save money on maintenance and contribute to fewer emissions exhausted in the atmosphere.  Ecodriving is both environmental awareness and economy.

The duration of the workshop is 4 hours.

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Сертифицированные специалисты РОСПА
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA, UK).

SAFETY DRIVER employs instructors who have been trained and certified by RoSPA, which ensures high quality of classes delivered by them.
Сертифицированные специалисты TUV
TÜV Rheinland (Germany) (certification of training systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO standards).

Our instructors have been trained for traffic safety and vehicle technical auditing, which can be proved by available TÜV certificates.
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