Driver Skills Assessment

SAFETY DRIVER offers its corporate clients the ability to assess the defensive driving skills of their employees and to test future corporate drivers before they are allowed to drive corporate vehicles.
The purpose of assessment/testing is to make sure the candidates who have applied for the right to drive corporate vehicles are fit for it, and if so, to identify a program for further improvement and personal development.

Testing of driver’s skills comprises two branches:

1.       Theoretical test – 20 min.  It helps to assess at what level the students know the rules of the Traffic Code.

2.       Practical test while driving on municipal or federal roads with a SAFETY DRIVER instructor – 60 min.  

The test ride takes place on the municipal infrastructure (roads, driveways, parking areas and parking lots).  Prior to the commencement of the test ride, vehicle inspection skills and journey management/preparation techniques are assessed.  When the test ride starts, instructor pays attention to the following aspects: use of vehicle controls, monitoring of road conditions, ability to identify hazards and judge traffic risks, as well as to forecast actions of others, ability to manage what is happening around the vehicle.  Driving tactics, ability to avoid any arising risks, and general attitude towards risk are also evaluated during the ride.  Altogether, the total list of aspects includes 102 criteria of driving.

The total duration of the test is 1 hour for each student.  Based on the results of testing, the Client will be provided with a personalized report containing a conclusion and recommendations.  To enhance personal development, each assessed driver will be provided with an individual list of recommendations, giving clear indications regarding the sequence of features that require improvement.

Looking for more convenience for our clients, we are happy to offer our own vehicles for the assessment process.

In case of an unfavorable conclusion regarding any assessed driver, our company will provide the personalized report to the Client.  This report will be containing a detailed description and assessment of the assessed driver’s actions, including the chances of having a motor vehicle collision, as well as our recommendations.

The testing is performed by highly qualified instructors.


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Сертифицированные специалисты РОСПА
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA, UK).

SAFETY DRIVER employs instructors who have been trained and certified by RoSPA, which ensures high quality of classes delivered by them.
Сертифицированные специалисты TUV
TÜV Rheinland (Germany) (certification of training systems for compliance with the requirements of ISO standards).

Our instructors have been trained for traffic safety and vehicle technical auditing, which can be proved by available TÜV certificates.
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